Enid Blyton – Noddy, Big Ears

With Lashings of Controversy

Thursday 9 May 2024, 3pm Mayfield School, Concert Hall £12.50 (Free - age 25 and under) Book now

Virtually everybody of a certain age has read an Enid Blyton book. She was loved by children (except her younger daughter who hated her) but vilified by the BBC, teachers and librarians. She sold more than 600 million books, despite all her work being banned by the BBC and many libraries and schools for more than thirty years. She was accused of being a racist and of using such limited vocabulary that it actually hindered children’s reading progress. Her love-life was interesting and she had numerous affairs including with her children’s nanny. She enjoyed playing golf so much that she bought a golf course near Swanage. She died of Alzheimer’s Disease in 1968 aged 71, mourned by millions of readers all over the world.

Liz Grand appears as Enid Blyton in this one-woman show that explores the life of one of the most successful children’s authors of all time and those who attended her performance in the 2022 festival of Mrs Churchill: My Life With Winston (a depiction of Clementine Churchill) will know how absorbing it will be.

The show’s subject is brilliantly played by Liz Grand, already well-versed in portraying strong independent women……….”   View From The Stalls